North & Brothers

Tour of the best wrecks of the Red Sea

A magic tour made of the best wrecks of the Red Sea and some of the most impressive reefs. The itinerary starts sailing north of Hurghada towards Gubal Island and on to Abu Nuhas and its four well-known wrecks.

Giannis D, Carnatic, the ‘Lentil Wreck’ and the ‘Tile Wreck’, a combination of ship explorations and a rich wildlife. A short ride across the Straits of Gubal and you’ll get to visit the star-ship-wreck of the Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm! An awe-inspiring World War II British vessel. Next hop is nearby the Ras Mohamed National Park, offering a dive at the renowned ‘Shark and Yolanda’ reefs. Head to the south with the Brother Islands, pinnacles of two undersea mountains rising from the depths of the abyss: stunning wall diving, a real kaleidoscope of ever-changing colours and a great chance of an encounter with pelagics: hammerhead sharks, silky and the even the very shy thresher shark. Without forgetting two other local wreck dives with the Aida and the Numidia. And finally, on its way back to Hurghda, a last jump in the water on the memorable Salem Express, which moving story will help you conclude your safari with all the honours.